Business Law

The advisory services include all related to business activity in its several modalities and the selection of the structure and organization best suiting the development of business in the several branches of commercial or industrial activity. In the same manner, assistance is given in the drafting of documents as needed, including the creation of companies and all the activities currently qualified as corporate.


In the area of corporate financing, advise is given to the companies in the design of financial strategies or products. In all senses, assistance is given to the companies in the processes of public offering of securities and in any activity implying the intervention of the National Securities Commission, including the matters  related to public tender offers and takeovers. In the same manner, the Firm gives advise to foreign investors in all aspects related to the making of their investments in the country, the registration with the Superintendence of Foreign Investments, and the remittance of their dividends and the repatriation of their capitals, and the registration of technology agreements. Finally advisory services are provided to the clients regarding the currency exchange system when necessary.

In the banking area, advisory services are actively provided to financial and insurance institutions in all areas, from the institute’s promotion and creation, going through its functioning, operation, to counseling in all concerning the relationship with the Superintendence of Banks and the Superintendence of Insurance, The former implies assistance in planning activities of several sorts, in the drafting of business documents and internal relations with clients.

This area includes counseling to clients in aspects related to persons, property, different kinds of contracts, inheritances, as well as the activity related with the planning and protection of estates and equity for individuals and legal entities regulated by Civil Law.

    The firm gives integral advisory services to companies in the development of strategies and plans for the hiring and managing of their labor force, and it has wide experience in collective labor bargaining and in the handling of all kinds of conflicts, It covers also aspects related to other social laws, such as the Law of the Venezuelan Social Insurance, the Law of the National Institute of Educational Cooperation and the Organic Law for the Prevention and Conditions of the Working Environment.

    Last, there is active participation in the design and operation of pension and retirement funds.

We also advise our clients in tax issues, in the review of tax rules, tax treatment of negotiations, acquisitions, mergers or dissolution of companies, tax planning. We also give advise related to tax returns as well as in the drafting and handling of tax recourses, both at an administrative level as before tax courts. Tax audits are also performed in matters of national taxes (Income Tax, Value added Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax and Municipal Taxes (Tax on Industrial, Trade and Services Economic Activities, tax on real property, etc). We also give advise in the area of international tax law, including the design of international transactions in order to achieve the best tax efficiency and benefit from the double taxation treaties.

The Law Firm has advised several public entities on the evaluation of their activities and projects. Assistance is also given in public bidding processes both domestic and foreign, in the same manner; individuals are assisted in their relationship with public entities, including the filing of administrative recourses of any kind, before the administration itself or before the administrative-contentious tribunals. Advise is also given in the matter of telecommunications, electricity, natural resources and urban development. We have an important experience in all kind of proceedings before the SUNDDE.

The Law Firm has advised several telecommunication services companies. Among our main clients in this area is Corporación Televen, C.A., one of the biggest broadcast television stations of Venezuela. 

The firm provides global assistance to their clients in this matter, where technology assistance and legal advice are both required. Since we maintain strategic alliances with prestigious IT developers, we are able to help our clients in both fields.

The Law Firm, conscious of the world trend towards globalization, for some years has been part of GGI Global Alliance AG, a world wide global alliance of well-established firms of lawyers, accountants, consultants and financial advisors, thus increasing the international presence of the Firm and the span of its services. 

As it was formerly said, the Firm has a long and positive tradition in all concerning active attention to specially complex judicial matters in civil, business,  labor and tax matters, as well as in the area of contentious administrative issues, expropriations and constitutional protection motions. The accrued experience and dedication in handling trials since the Firm’s creation is shared by a group of professionals of recent generations exclusively dedicated to this task.

As accounting matters are a major element in any legal business analysis, especially with respect to the tax matters, as an added value we are capable of elaborating accounting, financial statements, studies and special accounting opinions, as well as the elaboration of calculations and preparation of special reports required for the fulfillment of the obligations relating to the ISR , VAT Tax on business activities, as well as withholdings to taxpayers, etc., all in collaboration with outstanding professionals in this area.
Due to our strategic alliances with important accountant firms with experience in auditing, taxes and financial advisory, we can also provide our clients, in conjunction with such firms, a complete service in both their legal and accounting needs.