Viso, Rodríguez, Cottin, Medina, Ramírez y Asociados is a law firm; it is the successor of the firm founded in 1944 by the Jurist José Rafael Viso Pittaluga. In its development is has adopted human quality and professional excellence as a requirement for the admission of new members, maintaining a balanced combination of an active preservation and judicial defense of its clients’ rights, with preventive advisory services and zealous personal attention of the represented interests.

Guidelines for the Firm’s activity and purposes

The legal services are rendered on a full basis, starting from the incorporation of the company and going through all levels of issues faced during their business activities. This implies advising on contractual, tax, civil, business, labor, monetary issues; the handling of domestic and international bidding processes, privatization processes, capital market matters, tender offers, and foreign investments. In spite of the fact that it has been the Firm’s policy to recommend and provide preventive advisory services to its clients aiming to lessening litigation, it has also specialized in representing them before the Courts of the Republic, at all levels. The Firm has distinguished itself in these activities and it has been recognized for the success of its litigation work and for its lawyers’ strong litigation power. Our success in many trials where we have acted has allowed us to increase our advisory abilities. It is indeed difficult to prevent the negative consequences of the clients’ legal acts when lacking the litigation experience obtained from transcending cases requiring agility in their follow-up and creativity aimed at their convenient solution.

Range and Diversity of the Legal Services rendered

The Firm counts with recognized specialist lawyers allowing it to provide quality services in all branches of public and private law, with the exception of criminal law, an aspect that is attended to in special cases by means of association with recognized criminal lawyers. The Members of the Firm may assist its international clients in Spanish, English, French and Italian. It maintains special relationships or associations with law firms and lawyers in the country’s most important cities, and also belongs to a world wide global alliance of firms of lawyers, accountants, consultants and financial advisors (GGI Global Alliance AG) with more than 840 offices all around the world. This allows the firm to widen its services, responsibly, both at a domestic and international level.

The Firm’s Relationship with, and Position in Venezuelan Society

By reason of its more that 75 years long activity, it has a deep knowledge of the Venezuelan legal system, of the structure of national, state and municipal bureaucracy. It is well set in the country’s social, and economic environment and it has a full knowledge of the institutions, uses and practices thereof, in other words, of the “domestic idiosyncrasy “. All of this helps to provide the domestic client and the international investor with clear criteria when assessing risks and possibilities.

How we conceive our services

The firm offers its legal services to the domestic and international community, producing as its letter of introduction and as a reference, its long trajectory, tradition and well-earned prestige in the Venezuelan society. It reiterates its will to keep rendering specialized, efficient and integral professional services, within comfortable facilities and counting with modern communication systems in the web. Our clients may rely on a serious, responsible and, most of all, loyal and hard-fighting institution when it comes to defend their rights and interests; all of this warrants success.